Kedarkantha Trek

7,999/ Per Person

  • Duration

    5 days 4 nights
  • Min People

  • Location

    Sankri, Juda-ka-Talab, Kedarkanth, Hargaon Camp, Dehradun


  • • Accommodation in Ho tel/Home stay/Camping

    • Meals

    • Professional Trek Leader (Mountaineering quali fied), Guide, and Support staff.

    • All necessary permits and entry fees

    • Trekking equipments like comfortable sleeping bag, thick mattress, separate kitchen & dinning tent, crampon, utensils

    • First aid medical kits and stretcher

    • Sightseeing

    • Local traditional festival


    • Food during transit to and from the base camp
    • Backpack offloading charges
    • Anything apart from inclusions

Tour Plan

Day 1 : Arrival at Sankri

• Altitude: 6,400 feet • 220 km drive - approx 10 hours • Trekkers will be picked from Dehradun at 6:30am in a Tata Sumo or a similar vehicle • Expected arrival time at Sankri – 5:00 pm • BSNL network erratic

Day 2 : Sankri to Juda-ka-Talab

• Alitude: 6,400 feet to 9,100 feet • 4 kms trek, approx 5 hours • The trail passes through dense pine forests, maple trees, few streams and finally opens out to beautiful meadows• • Stay in tents

Day 3 : Juda-ka-Talab to Kedarkantha Base

• Altitude: 9,100 feet to 11,250 feet • 4 kms trek, approx 2.5 hours • Most of today’s trail is on a ridge, under oak trees • You will also pass through some meadows where you can spot shepherd log huts • Peaks :- Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, Kala Nag and Ranglana stand among the others

Day 4 : Kedarkantha base to Kedarkantha peak; descend to Hargaon camp

• Altitude: 11,250 feet to 12,500 feet to 8,900 feet • 6 kms trek, approx 7 hours • Spend some time at the summit and descend back to the Base camp by noon for lunch • Post lunch, descend down to Hargaon • Reach Hargaon by evening • Stay in tents

Day 5: Departure day (Sankri to Dehradun)

You will have to take the same picturesque drive back to dehradun. the landscape slowly changes from pine forests to wider roads as we head back towards dehradun, finally opening up into the busting city life. purola and mori before reaching sankri. the atmosphere of the valley is blessed with sweet pine scent distance- 190km time- 9-10hours


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Things to carry on:

  • Rucksack/Backpack
  • Trekking Poles
  • First Aid Kit
  • Rain Gear (Upper & Lower)
  • Camping Slippers
  • Sun Cap
  • Thermals (Upper & Lower)
  • T-Shirts
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Lipbalm
  • Personal Toiletries
  • Cameras/GoPro
  • Power Bank
  • N-95 Masks & Sanitiser
  • Valid I'D

      Things on Rent:

  • Trekking Shoes ( *Available on rent 500rs* )
  • Headlamp ( *rent 100rs* )
  • Sunglasses ( *for sell 200rs* )
  • Rain Cover ( *rent 100rs*)
  • Woollen Cap ( *sell 200rs* )
  • Buff ( *sell 150rs* )
  • Down Jacket ( *rent 500rs* )
  • Waterproof Gloves ( *sell 150*)
  • Trek Pants ( *rent 250rs* )
  • Socks ( *sell 150rs* )

Kedarkantha Trek FAQs

What is the best time for Kedarkantha trek ?

Kedarkantha trekking can be done most of the year, but the best time is between November to April when the roads are submerged under a blanket of snow and the snow-covered alpines look beautiful! June to September are months to be avoided for trekking because it rains very heavily and walking gets difficult.

2- What is the temperature during Kedarkantha Trek?

Generally, the recommended period to go on the Kedarkantha trek is between December to April. In these months day temperature is 8°C and night temperature is -5°C to 3°C.

3- What is the Kedarkantha trek height?

The Kedarkantha trek height is about 3,810 meters, which is approximately 12,500 ft. high. The trek is a perfect 20 KM long trail where you can witness the beguiling beauties of the Himalayas and feast the eyes with snow-covered pathways. The route is arched with the alpine thickets and the wide array of fauna and fauna are a plus to its beauty. As the trek height is quite high it gets cold as soon as the altitude increases and the oxygen supply also drops. If you are planning a visit to this high altitude make sure that you are not suffering from any breathing problems!

4- How long is Kedarkantha winter trek?

In terms of distance, the trek from Sankri to Kedarkantha is 20 KM long. In terms of days, the trek is four days long, which includes two and a half days to ascend and one and a half days to descend. An additional day prior and after the trek is reserved for travelling to and from Dehradun. 

5- How difficult is the Kedarkantha trek?

The Kedarkantha Trek is an easy one and that is the reason it is opted by a number of beginners. To make your first trekking expedition a memorable one this trek always a great choice. The best time for this trek is in the winter season is from November to April as the terrains are all snow-covered and the views of the Garhwal Himalayas will melt your heart away. The trek is about 20 km long and you need 4 active days to complete this trek, so make sure that you keep yourself hydrated and carry enough warm clothes.

6 - When does it snow on kedarkantha trek?

If you are taking the Kedarkantha trek from the month of December to the month of April, you will definitely find snow. The snowfall in this region generally starts from the month of December and lasts till the third week of April.

7- How much distance will we cover each day on the Kedarkantha trekking tour?

Day 1 - Drive from Dehradun to Sankri - 186 KM Day 2 - Trek from Sankri to Juda-ka-Talab - 4 KM Day 3 - Trek from Juda-ka-Talab to Kedarkantha Base - 4 KM Day 4 - Kedarkantha Base to Kedarkantha Peak and back to Hargaoun camp - 6 KM Day 5 - Trek to Sankri - 6 KM - Drive Dehradun

8- What type of vehicles will be used for transportation?

The journey from Dehradun to Sankri and back is by car. An SUV like the Tata Sumo or similar will be provided for group transport. The rest of the journey is a trek on foot. 

9- Which type of shoes should I bring on Kedarkantha trekking tour?

Please do not carry the normal sports shoes. As you need the good traction during the trek, shoes from decathlon or Forclaz 500 is a recommended choice.

10- What makes Kedarkantha a great trek for beginners?

The trek route leading up to Kedarkantha is an easy one which is why it is preferred by beginners. The roads aren’t very steep and there are just a few ascends and descends that first-timers can enjoy. Moreover, the trekking pole makes it easier to walk even if the roads are submerged under the snow. The route is home to lush greenery and beautiful streams, along with verdant valleys, maple trees, and pine forests which make the journey a picturesque one.

Q - I am a first timer. Should I go for Kedarkantha Trekking?

Yes, definitely. The Kedarkantha trek route is considered to be easy to moderate which means it is suitable for beginners. The journey beginners at 6400 ft. and you have to travel up to 12500 ft., but the roads aren’t very steep with just a few ascends and descend along the way. Each day you walk for approximately 5-6 hours which is considered the regular trek pace even for amateurs and are accompanied by expert guides. You’re welcomed by beautiful snow-laden roads and alpines along the way, which make the long walk absolutely worth it.

Q - Is Kedarkantha winter trek easy?

Yes, the Kedarkantha Trek is considered an easy one, which is why most beginners opt for it as well. The snow-laden roads and dense forests are easy to walk through, except for the point between the base camp and the peak, where the climb can get slightly strenuous. Apart from that, the distance covered ranges from 4-6 KM per day at moderate speed, making this trek an easy one.

Q- How much weight will I have to carry?

It is advisable to carry a 6L backpack, weight to be carried will depend on your requirements and capacity.

Q- What's the Kedarkantha weather in December?

In December, Kedarkantha weather ranges between -15°C to 5°C. Being at a height of 12,500 feet, the temperature drops as you climb higher and the winds become more chilly. There is also a very good chance of experiencing snow while trekking in December.

Q- Why plan Kedarkantha trek in November?

Kedarkantha trek is best enjoyed in November because the weather is pleasant and not bone-chilling. There is a good chance of clear skies which won’t play spoilsport to your trip and camping becomes easier in good weather. In November, the famous Juda-Ka-Talab, won’t be frozen, so you can enjoy the unparalleled beauty of the lake with the snow-capped mountains in the background.

Q - What's the Kedarkantha weather in October?

Kedarkantha weather in the month of October is quite pleasing and one can have a gala time witnessing the natural grandeur. The temperature ranges from 4 to 14-degree Celsius that means that the nights are cold while the days are warm making it apt for trekking. Another great thing about trekking Kedarkantha in this month is that you can witness the clear skies contrasting with the lush greens of the upland. 

Q- What medicines should I carry before going to Kedarkantha trekking?

A basic medical kit and medical devices like oxygen cylinders and oxi-meters are included in the Kedarkantha trek cost and tour guides are trained to handle first aid situations. Apart from this, if you have a certain medical condition or require specific medication, you will need to bring it along on the trek.

Q- Are Kedarnath and Kedarkantha the same?

No, Kedarnath and Kedarkantha are two different places. Kedarnath is a hindu pilgrimage spot that is located in Uttarakhand that is home to Kedarnath temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. On the other hand, Kedarkantha happens to be a mountainous peak in Uttarakhand that is widely famous for its trekking trail. Both the places are about 100 km away from each other.

Q- Is kedarkantha trek safe in december?

Yes, Kedarkantha Trek is completely safe and thrilling in the month of December. The temperature falls down to almost -15 degree celsius to 5 degree celsius. At an altitude of 12,500 feet above the ground, the chilly winds will challenge you every single minute and churn out unforgettable experiences for you.

Q - Can we visit kedarkantha trek in august?

Yes, you can definitely visit Kedarkantha trek in the month of August as the place would be ready with plenty of rainy showers for you. The trek would be really challenging but that’s one of the best times to enjoy real adventure. 

Q- What to carry for kedarkantha trek?

Woollen clothes Windproof jacket Hiking shoes, Snow boots, sandals or slippers Walking stick or a trekking pole Sunglasses with UV protection Sunscreen lotions Lip balm Torch with extra batteries. Toiletries: Sanitizer, tissues, liquid soaps, paste and toothbrush Medicines Phone chargers or power bank Raincoat, extra shirts/t-shirts, and trekking pants Identity card Insulated water bottle Woollen fleece jackets