Buran Ghati Trek

14900/ Per Person

  • Duration

    6 Days 5 Night
  • Min People

  • Location



  • Food as per menu on the trek


  • Portage of personal bags during the trek

Tour Plan

Day 1 : Shimla to Janglik (2804 M)

Assemble in Shimla early morning (by 8 AM) and board your vehicles for the drive to Janglik. We drive along Pabbar River through the mixed forest. Villages with beautiful Himachal homes & step fields of wheat adorn the sides of the road. From Chirgaon onwards the road condition is bad. The road crosses the Pabbar river at Tonglu & then climbs to Janglik. The entire drive takes about 8-9 hours.

Day 2: Janglik to Dayara (3366 M)

We cross through the village homes. Within half an hour we are past the village. The trail is steep initially. After you have climbed considerably, halt to get a good view of the valley. Spot Janglik, Tonglu & other nearby villages from here. The trail enters the forest and turns gradual. Walking under the shade of trees after a steep climb is a welcome change. The views along the trail are captivating. The trail enters & comes out of the forest a couple of times till we finally arrive at our destination for the day. Overnight camping.

Day 3 : Dayara to Litham (3533 M)

Get up early to catch the view of golden rays of sun falling on the grass in the meadow. Enjoy the view with a hot cup of tea. Today's trail majorly constitutes of forests, meadows & gushing streams of water. We walk through the meadows towards the Gunas Pass. After we cross a steam, the view of the Dhauladhar range is captivating. A few minutes after we enter the forest of Bhoj trees (Silver Birch). After a while, we come across another stream. Cross it & get your first view of Litham. We would walk in a gorgeous meadow again. Across the meadow, we cross the Chandranahan Stream and arrive at our campsite for the day. Litham is a beautiful campsite. Notice the Chandranahan waterfalls beyond which lies the famous Chandranahan Lake. Buran Ghati lies behind the mountain in front of us. Get ready for a great adventure starting tomorrow.

Day 4 : Litham to Chandranahan Lakes (4029 M) & back to Litham

The Chandranahan is a glacial lake that is fed by snow melts of mountains that surround it. It is a small lake, However getting to it is an exciting experience and extremely fulfilling. We cross the stream that we saw just before the Litham campsite. We continue upstream on the trail to the top of the ridge. Then we walk towards the snout of the waterfall. After spending some time at the lake we turn back to the campsite. This short excursion will help you acclimatize for the trek ahead.

Day 5 : Litham to Dunda (4025 M)

Continue north-east along the Pabbar River which originates from the slopes of the Buran Ghati. Pass through Khubrini Thach and leaving the tree line behind climb steeply through boulders to enter Dunda Thach, located at the foot of the pass.

Day 6 : Dunda to Manerang (3338 M) via Buran Pass (4575 M),

In post-monsoon season the climb to the pass is easier due to lesser or no snow. From Dunda camp walk on the ridge through the boulders. From the base of the Buran pass, the climb to the top takes about one hour. Take halt at the pass & absorb the mesmerizing view. The path on the other side of the Buran pass is a steep drop. Use of rope is highly recommended here. The steep drop gives way to a snow field from where it is easy to slide down. Decent is fast & we lose altitude quickly. We will set camp next to the river and cross it a little further down the valley the next morning.


If you are looking for all the best things in one trek, Buran Ghati Trek is for you. Buran Ghati trek starts from Janglik which is approx. 150 km from Shimla. The trail comprises of the dense forest of Oak & Pine trees. The sacred Chandranahan Lake is another attraction of Buran Ghati Trek. The glacial lake remains frozen for the most part of the year. The flowers & herbs are in plenty along the trail. The beauty of numerous glistening streams of water will keep you amazed. The fruit trees are in abundance near Barua village. The fruits grown in this part are apples, pears, apricot & peaches. Buran Pass altitude is 15059 ft. The panoramic view from Buran Pass is one of the best you can get. The trail after the pass is a straight wall where you have to slide for the most part of it. This bit can be technical at times & rope may be required for ascending down the considerably straight face of ice. The trek is recommended for people who have done at least one multi-day Himalayan trek. Stay on this page for more details like Buran Ghati Pass Trek itinerary, temperature chart, FAQs, photos and videos. Scroll to the end to read Buran Ghati Trek blogs.